What is Xemoto?

Xemoto is a smartphone app that allows users to connect to our motorbike sharing platform. Renters can view a list of available bikes in the area, pay for their rental with cash or credit cards, and rate their experience. Finding a suitable motorbike for short- or long-term rental has never been easier!

Which operating system can I download Xemoto app?

Xemoto is available on iOS 9.0 (link) and higher, as well as on Android 4.4 or higher. Just download the Xemoto app to your phone and register your account to book an adventure!

Do I need to give my ID/ Passport to the owners if I want to rent bike?

It is common practice in Vietnam for motorbike owners to require renters to leave behind collateral. Most often, it is the renters ID or passport; something that owners can use to hold in the case of motorbike damage or theft. Each owner will determine their own rules regarding leaving collateral. We recommend that you prepare your documents just in case.

How can I pay for renting bikes on Xemoto app?

We allow Xemoto users pay for renting by cash or credit card through app.

Why should I use Xemoto app?

We believe that we are helping you easily book a bike for your trip wherever you are. You can look for what type of bike you like on app. Besides that, with Xemoto app, you are easily pick up a bike or drop a bike anywhere you want. In any case need help, you can contact the owner easily by message or call function in app or you can contact our Customer Services. We are here to help you discover beauty of Vietnam.

Am I charged if using Xemoto app?

A 15% of convenience fee is applied to all rental transactions.

This fee is used to:

  • Continue to design and develop the app
  • Maintain servers and backend services
  • Ensure that only quality bikes are available on our platform

How can I contact the owners in urgent?

In the event of motorbike mechanical issues, motorbike loss or damage, or if you just want to say “Hi” to the owner, Xemoto clearly lists owners’ address and phone number. With just one tap of the button you can call or text them (standard call and message rates will depend on your carrier).

Could I return motorbike anytime?

In most cases, yes. But please note that each owner will have different business hours. Please note their opening and closing times. When you are ready to return your motorbike just tap “Return” to schedule a pickup driver to arrive at your location.